Electronics And Communication Engineering (ECE)

      The Department of Electronic & Communication Engineering offers degrees at undergraduate level. It offers Bachelor of Technology in Electronic & Communication Engineering . It will fulfill the more acute need of the development of the country by producing qualified Engineers. The program offered will also will also provide technical man power for the development and production of the Electronic & Communication fields in the country.

      The field of Electronic Engineering encompasses the knowledge of electronic component / device and circuits used in the appliances such as radio, television, recorders/players, microwave ovens etc. The courses taught are regularly updated to keep abreast of the new knowledge and development. The students will also undertake a project during their final year, which helps them to enhance their capabilities as young design engineers.

      The rapid advancement of Telecommunication has shrunk the whole world into a village. Every day, new improved and enhanced services are being offered by telecommunication companies. telecommunication links and channels are depleting fast due to ever increasing demand. Every day,a new telecommunication company comes on the surface and the industry is expanding very fast. Seeing this rapid advancement, the department has started new programs both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The bachelor's degree in communication engineering will provide qualified engineers to multinational telecommunication companies.

Head of Department

Prof. Vishal Upmanu

Brief Bio

Mr. Vishal Upmanu is Professor & Head of Electronics & Communication Engineering department.He has more than 15 years experience in academics & administration. He Pursuing Ph.D.He has published more than 12 research papers .

Area of Interest

Embedded Systems & VlSI



Course Taught

VLSI,Micro-Processor,Micro-Controller,Basic Electronics,Digital Electronics.


Life Member Of ISTE.


Books on Beam forming Network for WLAN from Lap Lambest Publishing House, Germany.

Faculties in EC department

Name Email id Designation
MissISHAAWASTHI ishaawasthi@gmail.com Assistant Professor
Mr.NEERAJSHARMA neerajsharma159@gmail.com ASST PROFESSOR
Mrs.SHWETACHAUDHARY shwetardec@gmail.com Assistant Professor (SEL GR)
Mr.NITESHKumarSHUKLA ramashukla@gmail.com Assistant Professor
Mr.SUHAILKHAN nik_suh@yahoo.co.in Assistant Professor
MissISHAARORA isha.arora2323@yahoo.com Assistant Professor
Mr.NEHAJAIN nehajain312@gmail.com Assistant Professor
MissSONIASONIA soniasahlot21@yahoo.com Assistant Professor
Mrs.MEENARANI enrmeena@ymail.com Assistant Professor
Ms.MEENUGUPTA meenu1239@yahoo.com Assistant Professor (SR SCALE)
MissPOOJASHARMA poojasharma114@gmail.com Assistant Professor
Mr.NEHAMALHOTRA neha.31588@gmail.com Assistant Professor
MissSHWETASINGH shweta.singhniet@gmail.com Assistant Professor
MissSHALINIRAJPUT shalinirajput23@yahoo.co.in Assistant Professor
Mr.ANURAGCHANDRA chandra_anurag@gmail.com Assistant Professor
Mr.SANJEEVSHARMA situin@rediffmail.com DIRECTOR
Mr.UPENDRAAGARWAL upendra_agarwal@yahoo.com ASST PROFESSOR
Mr.ASHISHMOHANBHARDWAJ ashish06bhardwaj@indiatimes.com Assistant Professor
Ms.SURABHISINGH surabhisingh06@yahoo.com Assistant Professor
Ms.GARIMAGAUR garima_pinci@yahoo.com Assistant Professor
Ms.MANISHASHARMA manish_802@rediffmail.com Assistant Professor
Mr.SHAHIDGUDDU shahidguddu001@gmail.com Assistant Professor
Mr.CHANDANYADAV chandandv93@gmail.com Assistant Professor
Ms.JAISHREEGUPTA jaishree.ideal@gmail.com ASST PROFESSOR
Mr.VIKKYLAKHMANI vikkylakhmani@gmail.com PROFESSOR
Mr.SANJEEVSHARMA sanjeev_vats1@yahoo.co.in ASST PROFESSOR
Mr.SANGAMKumarSINGH sangamkumarsingh@gmail.com ASST PROFESSOR
Mr.MOHANSINGH mohan14feb@gmail.com Assistant Professor
Mr.ANUJAGARWAL anujyadi@gmail.com Assistant Professor
Ms.RITUSAXENA ritu.saxena123@gmail.com Assistant Professor
Mr.SAURABHBHATNAGAR thebhatnagar@gmail.com Assistant Professor
Ms.RASHISINGH rashisingh20@gmail.com Assistant Professor
Mr.ATULKUMARSAGAR atulkumarsagar2k6@gmail.com Assistant Professor
Ms.SHILPISHARMA shilpish1988@gmail.com Assistant Professor